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October 14, 2020 at 6:00 am

Young girl with glasses

BrightVision, BrightVision Expanded and BrightVision Essential vision products are powered by three of the largest vision networks in the country. We’ve carefully designed the plans to maximize the strengths of these nationally-recognized eye care networks, providing groups and members remarkable choice in eye care providers and family-friendly out-of-pocket costs on eye care and eyewear.


The BrightVision product is available in three (3) plan designs with features that include:

  • ALL plans feature scratch coating, tint & kids poly
  • Fully-covered frames in every plan (through the Davis Vision Exclusive Frame Collection at independent provider locations)
  • Retail network that includes Sam’s Club, Costco & Walmart
  • Online retailers include, and
  • Additional $50 frame allowance offered at Visionworks

What makes this product popular?

Low member out-of-pocket
Rates – excellent value

BrightVision is powered by Davis Vision


BrightVision Expanded 
BrightVision Expanded is available in three (3) plan design options that feature:

  • ALL plans feature contact lens fitting & kids poly
  • Sam’s Club, Costco & Walmart in-network
  • Online retailers include,, and

What makes this product popular?

Overall broad network size
Retail options in network

BrightVision Expanded is powered by Superior Vision


BrightVision Essential

BrightVision Essential offers seven (7) plan designs to choose from, with these features:

  • ALL plans feature standard progressives, Diabetic Eyecare Plus (DEP+) & kids poly 
  • Sam’s Club, Costco & Walmart are in network, frame allowances may vary
  • Additional $20 frame allowance offered on Featured Frame brands
  • Online retailers include and

What makes this product popular?

Independents in network
Features for members

BrightVision Essential is powered by VSP® Vision Care