2021 ELITE Broker Bonus Program

January 15, 2021 at 6:00 am

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Earn more, as your book of business grows:
Bonus % Annualized premium sold
1.0% $200,000 - $399,999
1.5% $400,000 - $599,999
2.0% $600,000 - $799,999
2.5% $800,000 - $999,999
3.0% $1,000,000+
  Bonus will be paid in one sum, March 2022.

It is the perfect time to ignite your own earning potential. With our ELITE Broker Bonus Program, there is no limit on your 2021 possibilities. The program is simple: Earn up to 3% on annualized premium for new group sales effective in 2021*. Offering BrightBenefits dental and vision products is easy - our plans are straightforward and designed to suit a variety of needs for groups of almost any size.



  • New group sales shall be defined as: new group (employee and dependents) whose initial BrightBenefits enrollment is effective between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.


  • Participating brokers must be in good standing with a valid license, signed broker contract and required appointment(s) with National Guardian Life Insurance Company.
  • General agents are excluded from participation; credit from group business submitted via a general agent will be credited to the individual broker.


  • To be credited, a broker must be the broker of record at the time of the effective date.
  • Annualized premium totals will be based on December, 2021 earned premiums which will be used to compute bonus payouts.
  • Payments will be reported on ERISA Form 5500, Schedule A section 3(c) as other fees and 1099.
  • Bonus totals are determined 60 days after the end of the program. BrightBenefits will issue bonus payments March 2022.
  • Broker bonuses shall be payable in addition to commission and any other promotional offer or program BrightBenefits may initiate, unless otherwise stated.
  • In the event a bonus was paid to the broker and not earned (i.e. any qualifying Large Group that cancels or is cancelled, e.g., for non-payment of premium, during the first twelve consecutive (12) months of plan term), one hundred percent (100%) of the unearned bonus will be subject to chargeback. This means the paid bonus will be offset against current or future bonuses and commissions payable to the broker until the chargeback is fully recovered.
  • BrightBenefits reserves the right to change or terminate this program, as a whole or in part, at any time.

BrightBenefits is a division of National Guardian Life Insurance Company. National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life.